On being “Too Much” (or “not enough”)

February 23, 2017advice, mental health

Whatever the situation, your emotions towards it are not an “overreaction”. Similarly, your emotions are not an “under”reaction. Whatever you are feeling, it makes sense. Maybe something hits you harder than you’ve seen it hit others. Doesn’t matter. Your nervous system is your nervous system. Some of us are ticklish AF, some of us are …read more →

A Practical Guide to Ethical Avoidance (AKA Boundary-Setting)

February 21, 2017advice, mental health

It is ok if you don’t have the spoons for conflict. It takes a lot of emotional labor to engage in conflict. It is not fair to you if someone demands that you engage in conflict immediately, without letting you gear up.

However, it’s also not fair for you to ignore someone because you don’t have the wherewithal, and not tell them that is what is happening.

So how do you manage to keep the conflict at bay and not just straight up ignore the person?

Here’s something they didn’t teach you in high school: boundary-setting.

Clarifying ideas on witchery, a blog post

February 20, 2017uncategorized

Once I went to a medium, because that’s the sort of thing I do, and she connected to my deceased friend who kept telling the medium to tell me that I’m a witch. The medium admitted this to me bashfully at first, then dove headfirst into defensiveness saying, “Her words, not mine, take it for what …read more →