Today marks Day 1 of a daily tarot series, #TarotForMentalHealth

Before I go into the reading I want to provide some context. So, I struggle with mental illness: depersonalization, depression, anxiety, the whole 9 yards. Today in fact, I stayed home from work because my mental health is acting up, as is my physical health (chicken or the egg scenario, really.) I’ve struggled to leave bed today, so I took 5 minutes to light a sage stick, and let out some long notes and meditate.

The idea flashes in my mind: a daily tarot series devoted to sharing guidance for and reflections on mental health.

So, crown chakra buzzing, mind clear, heart centered, rooted in the earth, I shuffled the cards and spread them in a crescent moon. I let the energy guide me.

To my delight, to my gratitude, I picked for us all The High Priestess.

I kissed the card the moment I saw.

She is a message to all of us, crystal clear, that what we need to heal is to trust our inner-knowing. We can easily slip into doubt, into hopelessness, into despair and self-loathing. We descend into what feels like disrepair, begging to be lifted back up and desperate to ascend from the depths of our struggle.

The High Priestess is here to gently place a hand on your shoulder, look you in the eyes, and remind you that you are safe. You are protected. You are on a journey that doesn’t always feel linear or easy, but you will be led where you need to be. And it’s easier to get there if you listen for the directions. You have a built in GPS, and that’s your intuition. The High Priestess implores you to listen, trust, and let go of your need to fit your circle feelings into square rationality. Emotions, healing, and life will not always make logical sense. Trust that what you need will appear to you. Look inward.

Meditate, practice a cleansing ritual, and know your guides are within you. Spirituality and contemplation are especially healing right now.

Take good care, my loves.

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