So like, I don’t know about you, but last week’s tarot forecast was pretty on the nose for me.

The Magician & Knight of Wands abound–I launched my new website! But then also found myself struggling with the Four of Wands. At times, it was a challenge to keep creating, doing, and manifesting without a cheerleading squad behind me. It was a week of deep solitary work for me, digging into writing & code & design. I’m thrilled with what I’ve made, but it’s so odd that I’m in a place in my life where the person who will be most proud of it is…me. There’s no ribbon-cutting ceremony, no “Series Premiere!” commercials. Just me hitting “Publish”.

And honestly…the most wild, wacky, but exciting thing?

Slowly but surely, I’m learning that that is enough.

Now on to this week. It’s one that will find us with a lot less DO and a lot more FEEL.

our week ahead

9/25/17 – 10/2/17

This fourth week of September, we find ourselves tempted to fall deeply into grief. Indeed, there is plenty going on in the world for us to grieve, never mind what’s happening in our personal lives. Whether its source is world events, death of a loved one, or personal soul-level transformation, this week will find you mourning loss.Luckily, we are gifted with the strength to pierce through the veil and see truth and justice. As we move through these feelings, we have a powerful capacity to let go and stay rational. You are tasked with letting these emotions wash over you–but not wash you away. This week calls for striking a delicate balance between emotional indulgence and emotional regulation through observing and releasing. Some might call this mindfulness.

The Five of Cups is our challenge for the week of September 25.  Theirs is a card of deep sorrow and mourning. What have you lost recently? What parts of yourself have you transformed? Your change is where you can find the source of your grief. Whenever we undergo change, we are required to let parts of ourself decay to make room for the new. In this process, it is almost always the case that the goodbye will be bittersweet.

The challenge of this grieving process is layered. On one level, you run the risk of becoming consumed by your pain. But it’s not just about feeling “too much” sadness. Feel all the sadness you need. More on that later.

The Five of Cups suggests that in mourning what is lost, you may be forgetting to celebrate what remains. Take a look at the card’s imagery above. See that human? Standing by a river, head in their hands, sobbing over three cups that have spilled. Very sad. But hey, there are still two cups behind them! Two! Surely there must still be some value in those two remaining cups, right?

Of course it’s not always the case in our lives that what we lose can be substituted for what remains. Therein lies the challenge, though! What if instead of focusing on what you’ve had to let go of, you thought about what new space you’ve made to grow something new? Something more true to your evolving needs? What if you reinvested your energy on what has stuck by you through the transformation? What if you shifted your thinking from “I’ll never be able to replace this,” “I’ll never get that thing I wanted,”  to “OK with all this Newfound Time and Room in my Life, what would really fulfill me? How can I find it? How can I use what I already have to help me get it?”

The blessing for us this week is the kickass, brilliant, self-assured and clear-headed energy of the Queen of Wands. This is frickin’ amazing in tandem with the Five of Cups. Because here’s the thing. This week, you’ve got an extra special trick up your sleeve: A knife that pierces through bullshit, your own and that of others. A knife to slice away that which no longer serves you. Clarity of mind and intention to know what it is you deserve. Even though the feelings this week may weigh heavy on your soul, you have the capacity to access incredible self-respect. You have the strength to be cool-headed and rational even in the throes of grief.

The Queen might also show up as someone in your life. Does her energy sound like someone you know? If so, this might be a good week to lean on them. Find your no-bullshit friend and ask them to help give you a reality check. Call up that person you know will tell you exactly how it is, but will do it lovingly and empathetically. If you’ve got someone like this to rely on–they’re a gift to you this week. Be sure to pay them back in kind with equitable care and attention.

This week, another Knight is here to deliver advice for the week ahead: The Knight of Cups.

So here’s the thing. You’ve got a lot of deep, powerful, and painful emotions bubbling up for you this week. There might even be regrets and sorrows popping up from like, who knows, a decade ago. You might be crying over some spilt milk that expired in 2007. And honestly–that’s ok. Like, if you didn’t cry about it then, cry about it now. Or else the emotions are going to get stuck and come out in other ways that aren’t so nice. And that–that’s exactly what the Knight of Cups asks you to do.

Cry it out. Sit with it. Hang out in your emotions instead of resisting them. This Knight thrives in emotional intensity. Channel his comfort with tears. Channel his passion for the full range of human feeling.

All of this news, it’s a delicate balance to strike. Be careful of overindulging in the Queen’s gift this week. The Queen of Swords in excess could come out for you as cutting yourself off from your emotions completely. The Knight is here to balance out the Queen’s rationality. When you allow yourself to embody a blend of the watery, emotional Knight who basks in the glory of feeling and the cerebral, incisive Queen who is able to step back and see the patterns underlying everything…my droids, that’s practicing mindfulness. Allowing yourself to feel without neither cutting yourself off nor getting entirely wrapped up in them. When you can do that, you achieve this awesome, powerful thing called insight.

Ride the wave this week. Observe the way it moves while you’re inside of it. Don’t panic and drown in the undertow. Don’t clamor back to shore to watch it crash from a distance. Be in it, work with it, and know that you’re safe.

Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly now. – The Talmud
So it goes for your own, too.
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