Before we get into the tarot, I want to acknowledge that we who live in the US woke up to news of the most deadly and violent massacre the country has experienced in modern history. 

This is not normal.

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe. Please let me know if a loved one of yours has been impacted by this act of terror and a link where I could donate funds, or that I can pass along to others.

If you are a US reader: Now is the time to contact your representatives and demand that they pass gun legislation. If you know your representative already advocates for that, contact them and send some positive reinforcement so they keep fighting, and harder. 

May we have the strength to keep our eyes open.

May we have the resilience to feel fear, heartbreak, and grief without becoming numb, that it fuels the fight for justice.

May we have the power to tear down the structures that allow white cis men to slaughter senselessly.  

our week ahead

10/2/17 – 10/8/17

This first week of October brings us opportunity to revel in community and friendship. Unfortunately, our self-defeating anxieties may be keeping us up at night. But we’re reminded to stay patient and loving with ourselves. To give ourselves nurturance. Be your own mom this week, and let yourself be mom’d by your loved ones–mother of origin or otherwise. 

The Nine of Swords is the challenge for these seven days ahead. This looks like sleepless nights. Self-loathing. Racing thoughts of fear and self-loathing. This is a week where our monkey brains are going to beg for us to fall heart-first into a spiral of panic and guilt. It will be temping. Those thoughts will be convincing–they always are, aren’t they? 

But here’s the little trick about the Nine of Swords. These anxieties are quite literally all in our head. Like, yes, anxiety is a real thing. It being “all in your head” doesn’t make it any less painful. But there’s something beneficial about it being in your head rather than in your external environment.

Your brain is more easily manipulated and controlled than your external environment. Too many confounding variables out there. In your thoughts? Hey, that’s all you. 

The real issue is when we express this as “Just stop thinking anxious thoughts.” 

No, don’t try to “just stop” your anxiety by not thinking it. 

It means using your resources, both internal and external, to intercept the fear, guilt, self-hatred, whatever. 

Do what you need to do to give yourself a reality check. If for you this means going to therapy and taking your meds–do it. If for you this means mindfulness practices, do it. If for you that means exercising–do it.

Any and all of these are you recognizing the power you have to affect and intercept your negative thought spiral.

This is what nurturing yourself looks like. Recognizing the intensity of your challenge and then giving yourself what you need to meet it and heal. More on that later.

Our blessing for the week is the Three of Cups. Luckily, when our thoughts start to get stressy and painful, we can turn to our community. Friendship will show up for us in powerful ways this week, even for those of us who may feel like we don’t have a strong community right now. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by someone(s) in your life! An extra bit of support will show up from your people. 

Look for opportunities to get together with loved ones, new and old. Attend a party you might have otherwise said no to. Go out for coffee with a dear one. Reminisce on the old times with your childhood best friend. Indulge in belly laughs over mac and cheese and old photos from high school. Take new pictures for you to reminisce on in 15 years, too. 

This week is a great one for celebration. Throw a last minute gathering to celebrate yourself or a friend! Enjoy the bliss of being in community with other human beings. It’ll help us move through the muck of our minds.

Finally, The Empress is our advice. She brings deep, loving, and powerful guidance. 

Spend this week really nurturing yourself and indulging in your senses. Make a warm home cooked meal of the early fall harvest. Clean your room. Do your laundry. Take a bubble bath. Decorate your apartment for autumn. Cry it out. Believe that you are worth tenderness and love. Gift these things to yourself. If you have a good relationship to your mother, reach out to her. 

If you don’t have a good relationship to your mother, this week may actually highlight these issues, and be a fruitful time to examine this. What nurturance do you need that your mother did not provide? What nurturance did your mother give you that you could not accept, or that did not meet your needs? Where do you need to set boundaries? Where do you need to ask for more? 

Nature will be especially rejuvenating for you, too. If you find yourself at a loss for how to feel better–take a few deep breaths and then go for a walk. Really. This is the card of mother earth, and if you look for her in the trees she’ll be glad to wrap you up in an embrace to remind you that you’re worthy of this life & all the good it can bring.

Stay soft and abundant with your self-love this week, my tender ones. 

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