​Happy Monday once more, my dear one. How’d last week go for you? It was intense for me. I’m feeling wide open and sensitive, but I’m grateful for it. 

This week is looking lighter than the last three with loads of potential for both dreaming and action. A welcome reprieve, though we may struggle to recognize its lightness at first. Worry not; the universe is ​very ​much on your side. 

our week ahead 

10/9/2017 – 10/15/2017

The ​challenge ​for this week ahead is represented by the Nine of Cups. Recognizing the bliss that these next days offer may prove difficult to you for any number of reasons. You may still be feeling some residual anxieties from last week’s Nine of Swords. Or the enormity of your feelings might feel overwhelming. If you’re anything like me, sitting with euphoria can be just as difficult as sitting with depression. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize new opportunity. Sometimes it’s challenging to admit that actually, what we have right now is ​exactly enough​. When our “normal” is feeling somewhat bristly, skeptical, or low, the harmonious energy of the Nine of Cups can be difficult for us to invite in–even to see. 

Be on the look out for synchronicities, because there will be plenty of them. Notice the ways in which magic is working in your favor. 

Even if it’s hard for us to recognize, or uncomfortable for us to revel in, this week will bring amazing opportunity for manifestation, comfort, and inner peace. 

The Daughter of Wands is the ​blessing ​of this second week of October. ​You are able to access ​​incredible ​visionary energy. Big dreams abound for you these next seven days. But it’s not all pie in the sky; you’ve actually got the determination and power to ​do​. The Daughter of Wands is immensely passionate and willing to stand her ground. In any areas of life that test you this week, you will have the inner determination to keep up with what you know is the direction you should travel. 

The ability to trust your inner compass comes easy to you right now. You may be in the midst of some awesome spiritual transformations. Stay open to making new connections. In the form of meeting people, sure, but more importantly: connections between your past, present, and future. Use this broad scope and increased energy to reflect on patterns in yourself–behavior, thoughts, feelings. Doing so offers you room to grow and expand beyond patterns that no longer serve you, or to make intentional those that do. 

Overall, this week is ripe with potential, but you may find your emotions preventing you from seeing or accepting it. Another way the Nine of Cups / Daughter of Wands juxtaposition could manifest for you is in feeling like ​you’ve already achieved it all​, when in fact there is still lots of work to do. Yes, a “wish” of yours may have come true–but don’t forget to stay visionary. Just because one fortunate thing has landed in your lap does not mean the journey is over. Keep dreaming. Keep doing.

This message seems especially resonant in reflecting on last week’s draw. Both challenges included cards with the number nine. In tarot, the number nine represents being on the cusp of completion. You may feel like you are ​almost ​at the end of a journey. But make sure to remind yourself there is still one more big step to go before you get there. Take some time this week, too, to reflect on ways in which you are feeling isolated on your path. Nines can bring out these feelings of loneliness in us. With the Nine of Cups, you may be feeling lonely in that while ​you ​feel blissed out, you have no one with whom to revel in your accomplishments. Sometimes, even good feelings can be isolating. 

Be reminded that while it’s understandable to feel lonely–you are in a process of completion. This requires immense energy and focus from you. This is ok; new journeys and connections await. 

Finally, advice for the week is represented by the Daughter of Cups. She reinforces the message that this is a week for ​dreaming​. The Daughter of Wands is a fiery visionary, but the Daughter of Cups is a romantic dreamer. Take care to blend your intense passion with your gentle creativity. Temper your fire with water. In all of your doing, do not neglect the needs of your heart. 

Channel the well of creative inspiration the Daughter of Cups has. Spend time reading and creating poetry. Listen to an otherworldly symphony. Sit by water. Take a warm bath (and surround yourself with candles, too, to honor the suit of wands). Spend time doing spiritual work, as this daughter easily connects with magic and the realm of spirit. 

If the bliss of the Nine of Cups is making you uneasy, the Daughter of Cups gently, lovingly asks you to lean into it. Open up to the feeling that you are ​exactly ​where you’re supposed to be. If the Nine of Cups is making you complacent, the Daughter of Cups is asking you to indulge your creativity even more. 

Wade through the waters of the suit of cups this week, head above water thanks to the suit of wands keeping your vision ever-expanding outward. 

Repeat: Keep dreaming. Keep doing. 

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​In love & madness,
Molly Meehan 

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