I hope you are tending to yourself. I know the last 24 hours has found many of us feeling reminded of trauma and hurt. 

Know this: It was never your fault.

Our week ahead is powerful. Collectively, the energy is intense. Spiritually, there are ​huge ​shifts underway. I keep saying it: Jupiter in Scorpio is doing some serious work on us. Especially those of us in the Pluto in Scorpio generation. 

These cards picked themselves. This was one of those moments that tarot felt like divine intervention.

Unsurprisingly, we have three major arcana cards. Energy called me to choose two advice cards. 

Here goes. ​


This week we are struggling to know when to fan the flames and when to put them out. We are in a balancing act of spirit this week, trying to cast spells of truth and justice without setting our cauldrons ablaze. Temperance is testing us this third week of October. 

We can all ​feel ​that we’re on the precipice of transformation. There is something brewing for us beyond the veil. But we’re still mastering the recipe of liberation. We’re still figuring out the ratio of fire to water. Still learning how to stay angry without choking on our smoke. Still learning how to let flow our tears without drowning in them.

We’re struggling to remember when we need to prioritize our self-care over getting into another Facebook fight, or an extra shift at work, or a day of putting our needs on the back burner to play therapist for free.

Even deeper, we are struggling to love our light and our shadow together. What is your most twisted desire? What would happen if you gave it room to be witnessed and celebrated? How could it alchemize into something beneficial if only it were allowed by you to be? Temperance asks us to recognize our capacity for destruction as well as creation. Ours and others’. We’re fumbling through learning how to love those who represent who hurt us. Should we love them at all? What does this love look like? Forgiveness, or something sharper? 

The Empress is blessing us with all of the life-birthing tenderness we can receive. I see Empress with my eyes but my soul says goddess, says divine feminine, says Sekhmet backing us up in our rage and our truth. Femme magic is loud and unabashed this week. We have the capacity to nurture each other, to find nurturance for ourselves. We have the tenderness it takes to heal and be healed. We have the thirst for justice that lets us honor our rage as we honor our patience. 

Find the Empress in your creative process. Embrace her power through the natural world around us. I know so much of this physical world and its raging climate is frightening, but find her love in it. 

When you struggle to find balance, grab hold of a tree. Let yourself take root like an old oak. As trees do, honor your cycles (of sleep, of mood, of birth, of blood). 

As this week unfolds in the collective, rest assured that we are protected by forces far more powerful and sacred than what others have tried to steal from us. 

We bloom upwards from the roots our ancestors planted long ago. We grow taller and stronger on their memory, on their sacrifice. 

If you honor them, they will keep you nourished.

The Nine of Swords next to the Hierophant brings us unequivocal advice.   

Expose the depravity of those on top. Be unashamed as you tear down the curtain to reveal the horrors that they’ve been hiding. The ugly that they’ve conditioned you to see as pleasure, as prize, as ideal–or to not see at all. 

Turn the hierarchy on its head, nose to a mirror. Force it to witness its own filth. Set its dirty secrets on parade for the world to see.

Expose them. 

Unmask them.

Defy them.

Destroy them. 

In your thirst for blood, do not forget to witness your own darkness. This week asks us to go deep. Give your guilt and your worry room to breathe. As dark feelings bubble up to the surface, let them have their time to be felt fully. Look to those who have walked this path before. Look to mentors–both living and dead–who can guide you through the intensity of the work we are being tasked with.

The moment we are in is monumental. 

How will you answer the call? 

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In love & madness,
Molly Meehan

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