Aries Full Moon Reflections

October 6, 2017mental health, personal, witchery

Tonight was nothing short of cathartic. I did something I haven’t done in a long while–which, as a witch and budding astrologer, is sort of embarrassing to admit. I sat outside, in the dark, under the moon. No phone, no companions, just me, myself, and that big beautiful luminary for 20 whole earth minutes. For …read more →

Approaching a Breath

May 18, 2017personal

On Sunday at 6:10pm, I will be taking off in an airplane headed for Ireland. For now, it is 10pm and I have not (yet?) eaten dinner. Not for any Bad reason, just because I’ve been going nonstop since 8:30am. A week of work in the middle of the busiest month in our office, right …read more →

5 Fears I’m Embracing This Year

March 8, 2017mental health, personal

My life has been in such flux recently. This flux has affected my external experience (housing, relationships, work), but also my internal experience (thoughts, beliefs, values, motivation).   Honestly, it feels like there has been a monumental shift in the core of my being. I’d call it a growth spurt of the soul.   And as this …read more →