Weekly Tarot Forecasts

Orientation to the lessons of each week

Collective Weekly Tarot Wisdom

Begin the week with an extra dose of insight

As an intuitive advisor, part of how I aim to support my people is by helping them make sense of their life's "curriculum." These weekly tarot forecasts are like support for each week of our lives' syllabus.

When we have insight into what it is we're up against, we're better able to stand our ground with self-compassion. We're better able to work with the energy of our challenge, rather than fearing it. That's what these can offer you. Each weekly reading outlines our challenge (AKA our lesson) for the week, as well as our strength and our advice for meeting this challenge.
If you feel connected to my work in anyway, if you find that my words resonate with you, if you feel we're ~on the same wavelength~ these weekly readings are for you. Let's dive in together.

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Giving yourself space to reflect and consider the challenges of the week ahead is a crucial first step in living intentionally, and in owning your power. Even if this starts by reading an email for 5 minutes each day. Setting aside time to set intention, which I invite you to do each week, reminds you that you're an agent in your life rather than a passive recipient of energy outside of your influence. May we (especially femmes) always remember that we have more power than we've been taught to believe.

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